Saturday, 10 July 2010


6 months ago I was marked.

6 months later:

Witnessed by families.

Accompanied by best friends forever. Truly! :')

By his sister. Arwah is so deeply missed by everyone. Al-fatihah. Hence, a lil bit emotional.

I am now engaged.  Engaged. yup. Engaged. heee.

It was simple as I imagined it to be. 

Make up "artist", photographer and videographer were all my friends. Melati, Ezran and Tamimi; u guys rock-lah!!

The food was by the family's trusted and frequent caterer.

All flower arrangements, decorations and hantarans was DYIed by everyone in the family including cousins! *wave ina*

Good tailoring was by my trusted tailor. Design was by all the chickas in the family. Of course mom included!

No veil. No hand flower. No favours. Just how I like it to be.

It ain't about the ring. It ain't about how beautiful or simple the hantarans are. It ain't about the photographs. It's much much more than that.

It's about two families. It's about commitment. It's about responsibility.

Of course it wasn't perfect to the "T". Since when was I a fan of perfection? Hehehe. But everything went well. Super grateful and thankful. Alhamdulillah.

Love, let's start our little project together. You and I as boss and employer. Reward: Happiness in life and the hereafter. Cheesy. I know. Can't wait!! ngee. =)

This was before. The after; later!

Much love to all! Really!


freespirited12 said...

ah, i like your style. ;)

shueyshoelove said...

neesa: what style? free style? wasup yo! ;p eeheh. monday bla bla!

Ein said...

aww..cantik la shue :) love you!

shueyshoelove said...

ein: love u too babe!!

Anonymous said...

congratulations! beautifully said. simplicity is not easy to achieve and yet you've nailed it. good luck on the prep for your upcoming nuptials :)

shueyshoelove said...

Anonymous: thank u! :) less is more, no? Hee.

Moose said...

congrats! my engagement was a simple, no-fuss affair too. no MUA (i did my own make-up), no mini pelamin, no hand bouquet, no favours and no whatsoever that define engagement ceremonies these days. but i was very happy with mine. and by the looks of it you're very happy with yours as well.

less is more, indeed?

shueyshoelove said...

moose: me know! me read ur post on engagement. silent reader katakan. eheheh. and because of ur entry, i discovered floristika. jatuh cinta!! yes, I was happy. the friends and family moments sangat priceless! except videographer je I rasa i could've ommitted. tapi i just love my friend's work. kira recce untuk nikah lah. =)