Wednesday, 30 December 2009

And he said

"kita jumpa lepas habis kerja lah. syam rasa nervous".

In the beginning it was a cross of should i be offended or should i just laugh over his silliness?

After a nano second thought, i chose the latter. It tickled me that he didn't want to see me prior to the interview just because he's feeling nervous. Too cute.

Just don't pull the same stunt when the DAY comes ye.

*hugs and prayers from me*

inside joke: you can do iT!!! =)


ein said...

tiba2 when THE DAY comes, Syam says: "it's ok, you guys start without me. I'll join in later". boleh ka? haha.

shueyluweyduwey said...

ein: OMG.terus scene carrie lempang Mr. Big in "Sex and the City- the movie" akan replay. and u girls MUST take me for a holiday without husband and kids. boleh? =)

munirah said...

hehehehe!!!aku lembab pk ape maksud the DAY...:p buat apa bwk kau g holiday,aku pi kat Syam ckp,awat la hang ni (sambil katuk kepala dia..)hehehehe

shueyluweyduwey said...

muna: replaying scene from the sex and the city again.bawak aku pi tepi pantai. masa tuh syam dah tak ada di dalam pandangan.tee hee.he better not pull the mr. big stunt. aku suh kucing aku kejar dia dan gigit dia.!!!