Monday, 4 January 2010

hello 2010?

My stomach did a flip flop on the way to work. That more often than not indicates something bad/awful/unwanted would/might happen today.

And my prediction was right. The brought-shiver-to-me-spine e-mail came at few minute before the clock turned 9 a.m. fate unknown yet.


when would this madness stop. really, i've lost hope. i don't think i can do this. wait, i don't think I WANT to do this anymore.

make it stop. let me work in peace. please.

what a way to start 2010.


Ummu Auni Afif said...

isk masuk blog ni, entry depress je
sabar shuey...

shueyluweyduwey said...

kak aini: a depressed soul.