Sunday, 13 December 2009


Saturday- Huberdina Maria Hertogh (Natrah)

After so long not satisfying my thirst for theater, i was a tad disappointed. The musical part was unnecessary. I could only appreciate the monologue bit. Sofea Jane was impeccable. Umie Aida was unexpectedly superb. For a first theater timer, Maya Karin was not bad. The rest of the actors and actresses was mediocre. I may be biased but Huberdina Maria Hertogh (Natrah) ala AIKOL kicked *ss hands down!!

Sunday- Brunch with favorite girl friends.

The last I met them bestie was about a month ago. Since a month ago, many things happened. Thanks for sacrificing your sunday family time to chill with us single ladies and a man. =) Unfortunate the brunch was not captured. But many more Sunday/Weekend brunch should not be a problem forthwith ey? Good luck fellow besties. I heart all of YOU!

Tomorrow's Monday. Damn!

p/s: To you, you've grown unimaginably matured. I heart you too!


munirah said...

U went to watch natrah too?we went on friday nite..for me,it was ok.jumpa ramai budak AIKOL!hahaha semangat ke'AIKOL'an yang tinggi sume!:p umie aida n sofea jane were superb..tapi tuela,even tho the whole play was alright,rasa cam sth is missing..somehow i think ours is better!:p so,hows lunch yesterday?huhu

shueyluweyduwey said...

muna: i really only enjoyed the deep monologue bit but as a whole, the play was disappointing. brunch was great.kitorang nak buat reso.tamau ajak muna dah.selalu tak dpt join tau..eheh

munirah said...

oi oit!jgn la boikot akuuuu..huhu ada hikmah wei aku tak pi brunch smalam..aku diperintahkan masuk mengadap tok aku smalam t/hari kat umah aunty aku!:p next time k?how i miss my girls!!!!btw,masa aku nak amek tiket,aku tak realize pn 'mansor adabi' was next to me..bila aku nampak,aku buat bodo je..kalu big fan of him tau,sure aku kena ketuk kepala!haha

shueyluweyduwey said...

muna:omg.tak ketuk kepada pun.he ain't hot anyway.acting wise, he plays adam better in nur kasih.

Ein said...

more lepak sessions to come, definitely. and yes, muna tak payah ajak dah!

shueyluweyduwey said...

ein: muna, the lecturer has spoken.=)