Thursday, 2 September 2010

Certified to Marry.

Hah. So not. The only thing out of the many needed procedural requirement to get married completed by us is attending the marriage course last weekend. After being bugged by the parents immediately after we got engaged, it was an impromptu decision to get it over and done with since he can't be sure all the time that he need not work on weekends and also to avoid the much hyped marriage course extended from 2 days to 3 days 2 nights plus qiyamullail. ;p After all, the certificate for the marriage course remain valid for life time. 

After not much research. All i did was typed 'kursus kahwin ttdi/damansara' on google after reading a review from a b2b blog, I came across this.  It was that simple to register. Text in to them and almost immediately they send a reply.

We found the marriage course informative. Some centers I heard focused on the sex education with lame un funny joke. Some centers I heard are gender biased i.e. stress on the importance of taking care of the husband less vice versa. This marriage course center focused more on the importance of knowing what we're getting ourselves into after marriage. Simple fights could leave to divorce. Break of communication could lead to marriage crisis. Hence, it is important to handle each expectations. Expectations eh with a capital S. It matters to know each strengths and each weaknesses. It matters to know each hobbies. It matters to know each 'pantang larangs'. Simple matters like this MATTERS. 

I'm sure many has read Daniel Zain's "From I Love You" to "I want a Divorce". It's like a direct hit on the button. Syam was not excluded from reading it. Among other reactions, he said , "don't worry I can cook". Hahahahah. And he doesn't expect me to cook everyday EXCEPT for weekends. A lil bit relieved but to be on the safe side, let's just say we'll have a serious no nonsense discussion, agreed upon, put it in writing and sign it witnessed by the cats? Kidding.

But yeah, marriage course should not be taken lightly. It should not be JUST SEEN as a pre-condition requirement to get married. It has its purpose.

Once that's done with, we can now move on to other less spiritual  but major financially involved matters such as booking THE photographer. So, I've been stalking photographers from b2b blogs as well as random blogs. Narrowed down to 2 photographer as I could see the potential of them nailing taking photographs ala mat salleh weddings (need i repeat how obsessed I am with mat salleh's weddings?). I seek quotation from both and based on the photos they took, I thought the charges befits their talent. Hence, I proceeded to attempt booking. The one I really wanted couldn't do it as he is still studying and he said he has exams on the proposed date. Alhamdulillah the other one was available. And he's booked. Should I do the victory dance now? ;p We met and I think we could work well together as his idea of a good photograph is simple, non-complex. Simplicity is the best I tell ya.

So, designer (checked). Photographer (checked). Victory dance. Hell yeah! Hehehe. 


~Serenity~ said...

haha shuey, aku dulu pon b4 kawin byk kali aku inform my hubby yg aku tak reti masak as in betul2 tak reti masak punye,so that after kawin die tak terkejut sgt..hehe..yeah in marriage just expect the surprises is thrill..meh aku join buat victory dance skali..go shuey!!..

shueyshoelove said...

Kan aja kan? Pleasant surprises takpe. Jgn surprises terkejut beruk sudah. Expect the worst is better than expecting the best, no? Comel lah mak buyong menari!! Suka suka. :)

Sasha Lyna said...

did i read: mak buyung menari?..did i..did i?

ok, just read aja's blog, brape bulan da ja?tahniah..tahniah..sgt gumbira...pasnie shue plak..ehehehe..


shue, i da seal the deal ngn doss, masak weekends cz he gv me bebelan on, mstila suami nk makan masakan isteri, then i sed isteri pon nk mkn masakan suami..hehehe..

d other thg is about gosok baju..since no witness ke ape, i made an invisible cntract on the palm of my hand (to me it was sgt visible :) ) n asked him to sign it..hehehehe...

shueyshoelove said...

Sha: hahaha. Funny. Bawak pergi court of sasha baru valid kut! Masak sama sama lah. :)

~Serenity~ said...


sha- psl prgnant, not really announce it la..baru 3 bln lebey baru..about gosok baju, aku pon still benci gosok baju org laki wei esp bila iron kemeja n slacks dorang..sgt susah...(hopefully hubby wont read dis..)heheh

HiDa said...

Shuey baru nk rekomen tu you, this photographer named Faris.

I think his shots are quite lovely. Tapi since u have already book, it's ok ;)

shueyshoelove said...

hida: thanks! hehe. comel lah bila kawan kawan give ideas. love mucho!