Friday, 27 August 2010

Tell me. Tell me. How not to Fall in LOvE?

Credits to Ruffledblog.

with the dress. with the bridesmaids dresses. with the photographs. with the color combination. with the settings. 

Now, please don't get me wrong for being overly obsessed with how the americans/british roll on their wedding day instead of how the malaysian malays roll. Until today, I cannot get over the fact of how simple, close knitted and almost-everything-DIY one wedding can be. SERIOUSLY. Jawdropping AWE. Haih. 

The wedding plans is put on hold during the month of ramadan since EVERYONE seems to think that I am pressuring them. So, I'm taking a back seat for this month except for the kursus kahwin we'll be attending tomorrow.

I am also trying to do an inception to my subconscious mind that the reception or walimatulurus does not/would not matter if we're not prepared for the life after wedding. So I won't be annoyed over petty little things. So I would not be upset if things don't go my way. So it'll be a simple, serves its purpose of announcing to the public I AM MARRIED. But that inception would not be an easy task. I am but human. So help me Allah. 

Talking about life after wedding. How would you want yours to be like?

How I want mine to be like? Other than the whole compromise and respect aspect. I would like him to if possible imam every solat. I would like him to rebuke (just found out such word exist! thank you me if I am not dressed properly. I would like him to pull my strings if I go astray.

Bak kata ustadz, "kita ni macam layang-layang, kalau tak ada siapa yang tarik, kita akan terus melayang tanpa tuju". Ustadz jugak cakap, "Umat akhir zaman ada dua penyakit, suka dunia takut mati". Guilty! 

Neither him or me is perfect. But I am convinced that he is my string puller. The one who keeps me grounded. The one who said, "kenapa nak membazir beli baju raya tiap-tiap tahun kalau yang ada masih elok lagi". Tersentuh hati ini. But I said, being sloppy is not a compromise. My mother always taught me to be presentable whenever and wherever so there is respect. *nak menang jugak. pelempang please*. Then he said, "what if one cannot afford?". *silence* Change topic. 

Yes, he may not be able to present me with lavish material things. But suffice to make me happy when he picks me up from home whenever we go out (he stays at kampung melayu subang). Suffice to make me happy when we take turns paying entertaiment bills. Suffice to make me happy that he knows the burden we have to shoulder once we're married. Most importantly suffice that he is a CAT LOVER too! Yay! ;)

Of course all are not rosey posey all the time. I have my melt down moments. But isn't love about learning to compromise and accepting the imperfections of each other. Of course it is.

So here's to 6 months plan of planning. Then, it's life after marriage.

Love you mr. caveman. I am a kite and you're indeed my string puller.   


NahWaL said...

Theres just something about men being imam's right? Seeing fiance wearing a sarong just makes my heart melt. LOL. Its really important for me to know that he can be my imam and will lead the way..

I think Im the one pulling on his string. LOL. He's a shoppaholic, im not. He loves perfection, and would go 300% on hantaran deco, I wouldnt care less. LOL. Its like he's playing my role and im playing his HAHA.

shueyshoelove said...

Nahwal: it's that simple to make us girls happy kan? Paling best kalau kat office on a friday tgk lelaki keluar solat jumaat. Fuhh. Sungguh cair. :) we're not that hard and difficult to please after all. Opposite attracts, no? ;p adakah ada masa-masa tunang anda dipanggil groomzilla? Hahah.

NahWaL said...

i knoowwwwww righttt!!! HAHA. back in UKM i used to LOVE waiting for the palapes to go for their solat jumaat, all clad in black baju melayu HAHA. gagah perkasa! men who dont pray? A BIG turn off.

yes groomzilla he is. HAHA. he completes me acecece.

shueyshoelove said...

nahwal: super comel! =)