Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Random blah blah

Initially I wanted to tweet what I am about to write but upon seeing characters left -218, I thought why not blog about it. Hee.

I miss that *caveman of mine. Haih. My mom taught me to prioritize. Undeniably, my mom is always right. Family comes first above everything. And I'm alright with that. If he doesn't get that, he might not just be the one for you. Just a while ago I called him. He said, "nak bukak puasa sesama? hmmm. Tapi mesti your mom tak kasi." He said it without me prompting anything. :) He gets it that my mother prefers her daughters to have proper meals at home on weekdays. Once in a while it's alright. Especially on weekends. 

Simple thoughts like that makes me appreciate him more because he cares enough to understand. And I certainly do not rebel against the idea of having proper meals with family at home. It brings us closer together. Of course sometimes dramas in family occurs. But that's just how the family roll yo!

So yeah, though i miss that caveman of mine. Iftar with family with home cooked food hands down is the best! 

Insya Allah by next year, it'll be me, him and the family for iftar. =)

*the term caveman came about when I tried calling him but couldn't get thru and he explained he was at a job site which felt like he was in a cave. Hence, he is my caveman. Hee. Yes, we're no wait, I am corny and weird like that.


The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Your mum is exactly the same as my mum! We never went outn on a date ever during weekdays. Only weekends. Itu pun kalau ada family occasion, it comes first.


shueyshoelove said...

Great mothers think alike? Heee. I use to think conventional mothers like ours mcm dinasours dah takde. Tapi mesti nanti kita akan jadi mcm tu gak nanti. Ahahah.

Twiggy said...

ngee.. sangat cool panggilan caveman itu, lol!

shueyshoelove said...

Pn twiggy: heeeee. :)