Monday, 10 May 2010

Wants v. Needs

Truly I am not in the mood to do anything relates to brain function. Really. Though there is this major assignment I have to finish in 9 days. 9 Days. WTH. Okay, I'm in denial and yes, this is a REMINDER.

So yeah, it's the wants vs. needs for the coming July Event. I'm flat broke. I've made bookings  (not made payments yet) for a videographer not yet for a photographer but I like the work of a  particular photographer who happens to be my sisters friend. Alas, combine the two, I'll be super flat broke like in the deficit. Hence, I am re-thinking about the videographer. But I just went to his fb and he posted a new video and I'm like damn he's good. Worth paying for. But do i really need one. Ish-ness.

Alaaaa. And I prefer to dwell on this over work. Boleh?

Or could anyone suggest me a good photographer with a reasonable price? I've got a photographer friend but I choose not to take him (unless I'm left with no option) as I want him to be my guest. 


Ye, note to self, draft yourself a budget and stick to it. Dodol!
Pink relates to bimbo post. I'm turning to a something zilla and that is a scary thought.

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