Monday, 31 May 2010

Is it June already?

O em gee. Less than 24 hours to the month of June. Approximately 1 month 2 days to the second step! That, I'm excited!

The month of May have been emotionally, physically and mentally challenging tiring. From feeling incompetent to feeling used. 

The month of May also saw my childhood friend getting married. Another one walked the aisle. Another 3 more to go. Many were surprised upon knowing that her closest friends were friends from school. Some went back to from she was 5 years old. Now, that's the power of friendship.

Looking forward to the coming months. I've not met mr. awesome for 3 weeks now. No, we're not the typical couple who sees each other every other day. Who text each other every other day. Who calls each other every other hour. More like seeing each other once a week. Text each other not more than 5 times a day. Calls each other not more than twice a day; best yet, sometimes no calls in a day. I guess that makes us an odd couple.

Totally NOT! That much space between us gives us the chance to miss each other. Gives us chance to fight less. Gives us chance to experience surprises after marriage. Also to definitely look forward to life after marriage. Awwness. Tee hee.

Looking forward to the month of June for the preparation bit. Looking forward to the month of July for Insya Allah we're just a step away from finally sealing the deal.

3 weeks after, u still owe me sushi! Let's do that today. Love much!

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