Monday, 10 May 2010

He's baaccckkk!

It's been a while since i last penned down my thoughts in the blog BUT not on twitter. Yes, I'm a twitter addict. It calms the anxiety and sharpens my nonsensical habit of thinking out loud in my head.

Well, things have not been to kind on me and him. Mother was our strongest supporter. When the good news was conveyed officially to me and to my parents, we went out for a cheap dinner (sorry!!. I am FLAT BROKE). At the cheap dinner, we teared for we couldn't believe how awesome my family and his family have been. Not once anyone was judgmental. Everyone was rooting for us and for us to believe in faith. I was guilty and sinned for questioning. I questioned a lot. I cried a lot. Dear Allah, I am so very sorry. 

Since then, he became himself again. He's back and I'm glad. I'm proud of you. I owe you an apology too for doubting your efforts. But all has paid off. He listens. He really does. I know you've never doubt that. I doubted. I know I'm wrong.

Lesson I learn through all this is only one, truly, He listens. Never give up. Have faith. Truly. Just have faith. And yeah, having supportive family helps too. I've got to run for a meeting now. Below is a shirt he bought for me. Too cute. Thanks, love. We're back on tracks. Yay!

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