Thursday, 27 August 2009


The mother who typed on the lap top using one finger at a time. Super funny.


The two bratty cats at home.


Need i say more.

I thought receiving positive remark on substantive work that I do would bring the spirit UP! like the movie UP! unfortunately, the hollowness is still apparent. I could still feel it. What is it that I'm searching? What is it that I want? What is it that I need?

I search for peace of mind.I want to go home.I need therapy.


Sasha Lyna said...

therapy?shopping raya therapy la tu :) ade 3 days shue for that :D

mst of us are going thru that phase la now..asking n 2nd guessing our decisions..kna wat deep soul searching trip nie..JOM!

shueyluweyduwey said...

sasha: NAK!!jom plan gi pulau.please please please please.........and shopping raya tak viable because saya kena simpan duit.tapi nak gi holiday!!!!!!!!!