Wednesday, 8 October 2008

worst best friend

Just the other day I was watching MTV airing some countdown on most voted favourite scene from The Hill. One of it was the "worst best friend" scene. It was the conniving-back-stabbing-best-friend's-crush-stealer sort of worst best friend.

And yesterday, after a whole week of not checking e-mail. That "worst best friend" scene started to replay in me small scattered brain. Why? Because there it was, the typical friendster reminder reminding that my best friend's birthday was 1st October 2008. Yesterday was 7th October 2008. A week delay of wishing her happy birthday!!!!!!!!!Unforgivable. Hence, I was the forgetting-best-friend's-birthday "worst best friend" sort. *sigh*

No big deal you say? It is a BIG DEAL when in 2007, she went all out sending me bouquet of flower and a pearl bracelet to my office on my Birthday. 2007 was indeed one of my favourite Birthday memory of all time. And what did I do for her in 2007? Nothing. In 2008? Nothing. That worst best friend scene in the Hill? Nothing. I, hands down should be voted as being the worst best friend ever!!!

*double sigh*

And she's getting married soon. In less than 3 weeks time. Haven't got much time to redeem myself ey? I suck.

To me dearie dearie Miera. Appreciate the call yesterday as it is a sign that I still have that place somewhere in your darling heart. I apologize for being a moron. You deserve better.

As promised, I am at your service whenever needed. We'll meet up soon okies. *Hugs*


Ummu Auni said...

i'm bad at remembering birth dates - blame it on myself :P for having short term memory. yang bestnya, i do have a twin - who will definitely make it a tradition to give awesome gifts every year, yeay!

shueyluweyduwey said...

good for u akak..takder lar timbul isu rasa bersalah ke apa kan?

sashaLAH said...

shuey..dun b too hard on yer self..n the best thing bout best frens is that they know surely miera aka smeagol knows u didnt intentionally forget..(da kate 'forget', its never intentional..)

owh ya, 3 weeks time..eekk..shue..kite bile lagi,kan?

shueyluweyduwey said...

ngueh ngueh ngueh.hanya allah saja yang tahu biler sha.hiks.i'll be seeing her today jap agi.all is good.=)

Ummu Auni said...

nak update ni, busy ker?