Thursday, 23 October 2008


She (the person on the left) calls me "her chipmunk" for reasons evidenced in the picture above. hey, i do look like a chipmunk. a cute one that is albeit i don't have chipmunk voice. hiks.

she who calls me "her chipmunk" is getting solemnized this coming saturday. I as "her chipmunk" can't wait for the event to be unfold. I as "her chipmunk" is excited. I as "her chipmunk" is super duper happy for she who calls me "her chipmunk".

To she who calls me "her chipmunk", your chipmunk loves you very much. For the drama you have to go through (don't we all have dramas in life), you deserve nothing less than only good things in life. And i'll be praying just that for you. =)


Your (cute) chipmunk

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