Thursday, 17 June 2010

Two weeks? Eek!

Typically one would list down the "have done" and "not done". Well, I don't think I'm typical. I'm weird. Hence, no such list shall be displayed because it is irrelevant.

2 weeks more to adapt to changes. 2 weeks more until everything turns serious but in a fun way. I hope. *cross fingers*.

I miss this goofy fella.

He may not be kind when he's angry with me. He may not be considerate when he finds me annoying. He may be all egoistical even if he knows he is at fault (though I have to credit him for trying to be less egoistical recently). To sum it all, he may not be the perfect prince-fairytale-type.

But he makes me smile when he starts dancing in the car. He makes me laugh when he starts singing in the car. He makes me chuckle when he makes silly faces. He makes my heart melt when he gets all serious and means what he meant.

So, he's not perfect. Neither am I. So, he has flaws. So do I. 

So, yeah goofy fella. Only two weeks more. I'm super excited. Are you? ;)

p/s: yes, I expect an answer from you. And yes, I miss our self-karaoke-ing-in-the-car. Again. Totally irrelevant.

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