Wednesday, 9 June 2010

"Awesome marriage, Not a perfect wedding"

I am inspired! Read here.

But of course that comes from a mat salleh wedding. Guests comprising not more that 300 persons. DIY materials are much much cheaper.

When it comes to a typical Malaysian Malay wedding, it is the perception that having it the grandeur, the better. It shows wealth. Stability. Status. 

I want a Mat Salleh wedding.

Preparation tunang pun dah over budget. Preparation kahwin belum start. I'm doomed.


Ummu Auni Afif said...

oh dear. hujung tahun ni kan? silalah mula untuk preparation kahwin dengan SEGERA!

Ummu Auni Afif said...

weddings di malaysia ni konsep beramah mesra. you have to invite lots of ppl. itu tujuan walimah.

but then, kalau buat kat dewan yang ada sitting pula, sure ada yang kecil hati x dijemput. last2 beribu2 habis untuk ajak kawan2 or not-so-close acquaintes untuk datang.

redha je la.

munirah said...

shuey darling,toksah dok pk apa org nak ckp sgt,nanti sakit kepala!:p cth plg best (ni utk wedding la): kad kahwin.kau buat mahal2 gler,tebal smpi setem RM2 per card,bknnya org simpanpn later on (except aku la for my close frenz and relatives!:p).so,jgn risau2 sgt k? flaws/imperfection makes a wedding more memorable and meaningful!:D

shueyshoelove said...

kak aini: i still like intimate reception with close family and friends.=) and bukan end of this next year. It'll be nxt year insya allah.

muna: eh.takdenye kad kahwin aku buat tebal tebal.satu muka surat cukup!eheheh.

ElyaElmo said...

im about similar situation as u!!! peninggg nii..tak tau nk startt mcmmanaaaaaaa :-s

shueyshoelove said...

Elyaelmo: tuh la kan. Stress!! Ehehe. But I think it really helps to sit down and sicuss round table. Kena compromise la dear. I don't meet eye to eye with mother on certain things. Tp mls nk gaduh. Kena compromise. Tee hee. Yang penting, we MUST have fun!! :) good luck n ave fun aights!