Tuesday, 13 October 2009

What do you do

when your heart is not in it anymore.

do you yell "fine!you win.i lose" and consider defeat?

or you walk away and NEVER turn back?

or you just swallow it and take it as it is?

My heart is screaming, leave! But the head is rationalizing the pros and cons.



Sasha Lyna said...

so if u wna listen 2 ur head, what does the pros n cons tells u?more pros than cons?

JUST DO IT!at the end of the day, stick to it n dun let other ppl mess with u head n heart!

if it starts to become a hassle, its time to pack ur bags n move on to something better!insyaAllah :)

shueyluweyduwey said...

sha: thanks! tapi Allah is memang Maha Hebat. Bila rasa memang tak boleh take it anymore, ada je berita-berita yang boleh menceriakan sedikit hati ini. which brings the susah hati-ness to a level down.