Friday, 19 December 2008

Hola!! seems eons ago that i wrote in this dusty blog. A friend said yesterday, my blog keeps her work stress level down. How is that possible puzzles me. Hehe.

Nothing much that needs telling in the blog. Something would occur and I would take a mental note to relay it in the blog but by the time i reach home or sits in front of the computer, either I became to lazy to update or the mental note vanishes. =)

Hence people, this is a nonsensical rambling rambling of yours truly to kill time and to help my friend's stress-level management.*waves to miera!!*

Current addiction: anything vintage, anything poofy, shoes, bags. =)

Congratulations to soon to be newly weds, Aja and Ira. Soon I'd be able to recruit a battalion of flower boys and girls for my not-that-soon-wedding. And that is if Allah permits. Insya Allah. =)

There, my blog is updated. Told you there's nothing new bout me. hiks.

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