Monday, 15 September 2008

THE job

I'm half way done with THE job. Hence the itchiness of the finger to blog.heh.

Had iftar with the Best Friend (doubt he thinks me as one anymore since I go mia so often that he got tired of being always the one to call and check up on yours truly) and his girl friend. As cliche' as this may sound, it is true that one should treasure those they cherish for once one lose them, they're gone forever. I guess things will never be the same with the Best Friend. I stopped running to him to whine bout work and every other tiny details of dissatisfaction since forever. And he stopped confiding stuffs to me ever since a cold war engulfed between us (for reasons I cannot recall). We stopped having therapy sessions over a cuppa of anything at anywhere for at least 6 months. And seeing him yesterday all happy wappy lovey dovey with his girl friend affirms that I'd no longer able to have all that with him. Not because he has a girl friend. But I guess because he changed. I changed. We changed. Hence, to the best friend, I hold no grudges against u and I hope its the same for u. I'd only hold grudge against u if u DO NOT INVITE ME TO YOUR WEDDING IN 2010. cheers buddy. =)

A fellow blogger commented "cute girl you" in one of my cam-whoring-session-post and that made me realized that I do not dress my age. Compliment? may be. could be. I guess am a bit disturbed. If only she knows I'm 25. She'd probably go, "she for real?". And what if she knows what I do for work. She'd probably go, "get out!!she's that?" . heheh. fun ain't it trying to figure what others think of me.

Now, u believe that I'm a self-conscious-phobic?

p/s: to the fellow blogger, this post meant no harm. i know u meant well. *chehwah.perasan sendiri orang kate cute* =)

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