Tuesday, 2 September 2008


News received about a month ago. Many queried but I insist to not have high hopes pending the official letter of appointment. Today, it's confirmed. Alhamdulillah.

p/s: atie, sorry aku terover emo kat ko ari ahad ari tuh.hihih.cuak dowh!!


Anonymous said...

takpe.. kat sape lagi kau nak ngadu kan? heheh.. congrats again! =D

confirmlah kau kene pi conference! (yeyyy!! ada gang!! =p)

shueyluweyduwey said...

tuh lar pasal.sedey tau.huhuh.thanks nyways babe!!

Ummu Auni said...

what's the good news?

dah confirm ke?

shueyluweyduwey said...

contract status turned permanent.=)