Monday, 27 December 2010

Venting it Out

I didn't realize I was keeping so many things inside until i blabbed out almost all of it to my soul sister, ein (aka mak kepada emyr cheeky.) She said be patient. I didn't precisely told her what was worrying me. But her answers was so precise. She made me cry. Yes, ein. I cried. And from that day I cried, I've never felt better. Everything seems to fall back into place. *hugs soul sister bongok*. Yes, we're rough like that. That's why I love all of 'em. Ein. Miera. Muna. Melati. 

Everything fell back into place. Things are up and running again. Yesterday was a huge accomplishment for us, who only sees each other never more than once a week. We managed to buy some of the gifts to exchange  during akad nikah which is set in about 3 months from now. 3 MONTHS?! *inhale* *exhale*. I am inhaling and exhaling not because of the W prep. I am inhaling and exhaling because Insya Allah I'll be a wife. A WIFE?! *inhale* *exhale*

Oh! So cute. While we were scouting around for the gifts (read: patah kaki penat), he came up with a theme for our wedding, "simplicity at its best". Nothing exclusive. Far from lavish. What's important is the blessings from Almighty and parents. The gifts are not intended to be "oohh..aaahhhed" by anyone. The gifts are intended to be used in our daily married life. For him to smell nice for me. For me to look all dolled up for him. We like that. =) 

Here's a post soul sister ein wrote 2 months before her wedding;

"Honestly, I don't see the fun in preparing for a wedding.

No offence, who cares about your wedding invites. Who would care to remember what flowers you picked for your pelamin. Who would even bother to scrutinize your wedding veils or dresses.

It can be a simple affair if you want them to be. That's Our plan.

For the unconditional Love Feisal showers me with, for the perpetual support and strength throughout, for the faith He has in me, and most importantly, in Us, I honestly couldn't ask for more. Thankful.

Indeed, all I want is a blessed and blissful Marriage with my Feisal, not a perfect Wedding. Amin."

How can we not be soul sisters when we share the same sentiment except I  need to be kept grounded most of the time. She's a wise woman. Blur at times.  ;p But I love her to death non the less. 

I found this quote from taintedphase.tumblr, "He's not perfect, you aren't either. But if he can make you laugh at least once, cause you to think twice. Hold on to him and give the best you can".

26.12.2010. Malaysia 3-0 victory @ home. =)

Here's to making me laugh more. Keeping me rooted on the ground. Cooking me that promised salsa. A blessed and blissful marriage. Love. =)


munirah said...

Love u,ein,mir,melati,always!!n yes,there art no such thing as perfect wedding,perfect partner n perfect prayers are with u n syam..all the best,insyaAllah everything will be ok..:)

Ummu Auni said...

insya Allah, everything will be fine :)

ein said...

baru perasan this post. i Love you silly! ooo it's january already, can't hardly wait!!

shueyshoelove said...

muna and kak aini: thanks. =)

soul sister ein: love u too silly!! =)

Moose said...

i totally agree with your friend. i myself didn't enjoy the whole of my wedding preparation. the only thing that close to fun to me was searching for the wedding rings and meeting unaisah to discuss about the dresses.

if i can have it my way, we'd be having just tea and some malay kuih for the reception. hehe.

shueyshoelove said...

moose: ye. kahwin prep sangat taxing. very unnecessary too. tapi agak cool my parents nak buat hi tea untuk nikah with teh tarik and mee goreng sbb lepas asar. kalau buat reception sekali macam tu kan best. tak yah pikir susah. hahahha =)