Sunday, 11 April 2010

First time

There's always a first time for everything, people say.

Yesterday was my first APN. like whoah.

Yesterday was the first dinner date at the house with him and the mother. cute.

Yesterday was the first critic from him for speaking loudly in my own house. weird.

Yesterday was the first official discussion over the july event. another one struck off the list.

In short, am wayyy too overwhelmed with too many first time experiences. 

Imagine beginning tomorrow, many more first time experiences, work wise that is. Yikes!

Wish could take a day off or many days off. Wish I could plan than work. I wish!

And it's beginning to feel annoying when people ask and when I answer, the response begins with "why so long?", "why don't u do this, why don't u have that". 

Urm.A lil' bit confuse here. I assume one asks to acquire information but not to give unnecessary comments. I'll do it my way. You do it your way.

I am so thankful that my mother is uber cool and uber understanding.Without her encouragement, we would've not gone this far. Without her magical words, I would've not be this strong. Without her love, I would've stopped smiling eons ago. 

Mother's love is unconditional. Mother's love is phenomenal. Her love extends to him. And I don't mind.

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